And Relax!

Chased by the autumn leaves at the school gate this morning I realised just how quick this term has seemed to whizz by. I wonder if it has felt as speedy for the teachers and staff?!?

It has been truly fantastic to see that so many teachers, classes and pupils have embraced the new BLOG this term. I’ve found it an excellent way of finding out who’s been doing what and what’s been going on!

It’s great to meet the new Music Service team and see lots of smiling faces in images of the recorder club and school choir. Mr’s Cross’s page is a gripping read. I’ve even learned that he can cook a wicked chocolate cake! Miss Rogerson has been inspiring budding writers who have been posting 100 word passages at the Creative Writing Club. Also fantastic to see the pupils writing some really constructive comments to each other…Well done!

Mr Dixon has done a marvellous job of keeping us informed about the athletics and football clubs and also using the blog as a tool to deliver important information to pupils about the clubs.

All good stuff and there are some brilliant class stories and amazing images that have been posted to animate the stories….

Good work team! Now go and have a well deserved holiday week!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back!

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